Sticks and stones - Bloodboil and Gorefiend

As we delve deeper into the recesses of the Black Temple, the bosses get meaner. At least their names do. Gurtogg Bloodboil and Teron Gorefiend sure sound like they could oneshot the raid, but fortunately the learning curve isn't all that steep. Teron is arguably the easier boss of the two, with the only real hard part being the contruct killing. That part of the encounter is quite enjoyable though, and I appreciated seeing some open air again. Blizzard has obviously put a lot of time into the design of BT, and as much as I've grown tired of damp dark dungeons with low ceilings, so far I haven't felt that mindnumbing 'we're never getting out of this place and this trash will never ever end' feeling you used to get somewhere after Firemaw.

Speaking of trash, I know I've said this before, the BT trash seems almost casual at times. The packs aren't insanely difficult, the amount is well within the limits of what you can tolerate without completely losing focus and the constant epic drops (including gems) makes you feel like you're not just killing time for Blizzard's amusement.

Gurtogg, as an encounter, seems more complex than it truly is. After being able to wipe the raid completely on Archi, Najentus and Teron, Gurtogg is a 'classic' tank/heal fight where dps just spams their abilities and prays no one dies. A single error won't lead to a wipe but speaking from a raid leader's perspective it's irritating to wipe without anything going wrong. It's a sad day in Quartz when we can't even blame a rogue for a wipe. You can try your hardest and still just have someone die to fel rage, then get your tank killed and that'll be the end of it. The corpse run isn't bad though, and the waterfalls on the side quickly wash away the blood of the previous deaths. And with Gurtogg old-school healed and tanked to death we can focus on the best encounter in BT - Reliquary. A whole room to AE on every try - who could ask for more?