You are the bomb!

The reason this Solarian kill story has been so long in waiting (we killed it weeks ago) has everything to do with the somewhat anticlimactic battle that Solarian turned out to be. We collectively decided resistance fights suck, so we never did Solarian before the patch - but what they have turned him into can only be seen as free loot on the way to Kael. It's quite possible that Blizz felt bad about the return of the geddon bomb - that wiper of so many raids in the old days - that they decided the rest of the fight should be really really easy. But these days, with your entire raid on TS or vent and having done so many retard checks in SSC and TK already, a silly bomb ability won't wipe your raid anymore.. right? Right?

Ah well, down is down - here's to many nights of Kael tries in the future