Morogrim finds watery grave

A boss that summons endless murlocs to AE. Awesome. Everyone, and I mean everyone loves killing murlocs. I love it almost as much as sheeping ogres - but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a future sheep-the-ogre encounter. After the resistance and enrage drama of Hydross it was nice to get to a boss that has neither. It's an endurance fight, not a nuke fight, with the only priorities really being wiping out the murlocs as they come and keeping the MT up.

Of course, this near perfect encounter on paper was almost ruined by the fact that paladins - yes, you heard me - paladins are practically essential. It's bad enough that you need to have at least two locks for Magtheridon, or for clearing the trash in TK, or just to mock when they overnuke and die - but pallies? It's almost impossible to find one that isn't some 'I hate everything' reroller and even when you do find one there's a 90% chance he'll think retribution is a good spec. We happen to be blessed with a couple of active pallies - but I can see this being a problem for horde guilds who have had their pally stock ninjaed by guilds further along raidingwise. I get a little flutter myself every time I see an unguilded paladin, until I realise that you have to really mess up to be unguilded as a paladin on horde side now. Like being Dyanna.

In any case, as said last week, our first attempts on Morogrim proved to be so fruitful I fully expected him to cave after a bit more prodding, and fall he did, which opens the door for bigger, and better things. Preferably with ogres. Sheepable ones.