Hydross bubble burst

Resistance fights. Ugh. As tempted as we were to skip Hydross and head straight for the much easier Morogrim, we are an old-fashioned guild. Killing Void Reaver and Lurker before Al'ar and Hydross felt strange enough as it was - going even further and completely bypassing the intended first encounter of an instance just feels wrong somehow. So off we went, grinding primals and crafting res gear - everyone's favorite thing in the world. Of course Blizzard didn't *just* create a resistance encounter, they also added an enrage timer - another irritating feature they're throwing around now. High dps required again - at this rate we won't be able to take Trickz anywhere.

My favorite fights are those that require people to be awake and once all the abilities and phases are mastered are like clockwork - a Twin Emps fight in full swing (even though they had an enrage timer too) was a beautiful thing to see. Hydross has some elements of that - there is a lot of repetition in the phases and once you get it under control it's really not that complicated - but that pesky enrage timer means you can never quite get comfy or zone into the encounter. It took some 'omg nuke him down shieldwall aaaargh' at the end but a first kill is just disappointing without hearing 'OH COME ON' on TS - though Lvaz was far too busy tanking to call anyone a ret... never mind.

Subsequent stabs at Morogrim were so successful I can safely say the next update is going to be next week - expect a long poetic ode to the glory that is AE.