Rubik beats Pit Lord

Once again Blizzard delighted and amazed the WoW population with a string of nerfs to existing content. Having spent only a little time on Magtheridon before the nerf, we were pleasantly surprised at the ease with which the trash now went down - with increased respawn time as well. Thank you, Blizzard - nothing's more irritating than getting into the swing of a fight and then having to reclear trash. Even if it only takes a short time, it's hard to refocus and pick up where you left off.

Now that the encounter is much less class dependent (no more need to stack warlocks, flask your dps or bring a lot of rogues for interrupts) I feel it's much more on the level it should be - about the same difficulty as Gruul and a nice snack for a raiding guild on their way to SSC. It was also the first fight that felt large - we've had some fun encounters in kara and Gruul is big, but just doesn't have that raid boss feel to him. Magtheridon brings back the old raiding fire - here's to many nights of 'wtf we don't have any tanks' and 'why are there 7 socials in greens in the raid?' . Oh no wait, 40 man raid days are gone.

The fight itself is extremely fun - nothing like yelling on TS because some rogues (yes you Chupa) keep getting cleaved and people clicked their cube too early. No massive amount of coordination is needed with only 10 people in cube rotation and I can fully recommend Mag to those guilds that have some gear issues with Gruul - after the adds are down Mag is really quite a pansy. Like Furby, but with more dps.

Special mention goes to my water elemental, who decided to win its own miniboss award by ninja pulling