Raaaaaar! Me smash Maulgar

Last weekend the collective finally cleared Karazhan, and with the glorious demise of Nightbane a lot of repair money, reagents and pots were proven to be well spent. Karazhan, being the 'entry-level' raid instance was quite challenging, and though it was said that Maulgar wasn't the hardest raid encounter Blizzard ever designed, we went in for the first time last night not expecting any grand results. The pull, allegedly the hardest part, went flawless pretty much from the first try - and after only a few tries we started killing adds and realised purple was in the air.

The lack of trash (3 mobs), the graveyard being near, a meeting stone right outside the instance and the repair guy a stone throw away makes Gruul's Lair the least stressful raid instance in ages. Maybe that was the reason that a mere two hours after we entered Gruul's Lair for the first time, Maulgar was sleeping with the fishes. Sure, we couldn't loot him due to some bug, but it's all about the experience, right? Who needs tier 4 anyway! Great work all round, special mention for yours truly as the most imba mage tank WoW has ever seen. And special thanks from Bully, the last of the moonkin, to Blizzard for creating an encounter where owls actually have a use.

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